Windsurfers in January - Ishbel McWhirter SOLD by Prints & Drawings, Various.


Artist: Prints & Drawings, Various.
Title: Windsurfers in January - Ishbel McWhirter SOLD
Reference: imw01
Medium: Ink & Watercolour
Size: 18.4 x 24.5 cm
Date: 1986
Price: SOLD
Further Info:
Ink & Watercolour by Ishbel McWhirter RCA (b.1927). Ishbel trained under Oskar Kokoschka in his ‘School of Seeing’ in Salzburg. He said of her " I see my pupil Ishbel McWhirter moved by curiosity...she pictures her heroines with a serene remoteness, lovely restraint, and the strangeness of the designers of the white funeral vases of ancient Greece." This watercolour is framed and in excellent condition.
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